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Visions of Hope Project, Sri Lanka
Visions of Hope Project, Sri Lanka

Volunteers joined the VoH Project and it began to move forward. Identifying the village of Pandiruppu as having an urgent need for a facility to care for tsunami affected children was the first step.

However, it soon became apparent that, under new Sri Lankan legislation, establishment of new homes for children is officially discouraged to the point of making it nearly impossible. At that time the Project learned of the existence of the Nava Shakti Welfare Organization in Pandiruppu, an existing community based organization that had taken upon itself the initiative to care for 50+ children, ages 4-15, all of whom were affected by the tsunami.

Kiwanis Division 18 of Canada provided funding for the land upon which the Centre was built. Kiwanis Club of Colombo City provided funding for project activities to be conducted in an alternative facility before, during, and after the construction phase.

The Visions of Hope Project was initiated by Kiwanis Division 18 of Canada with assistance from the Kiwanis Club of Colombo City. It is administered by the Sri Lanka Children's Trust, a registered national voluntary service organization that undertakes small projects to improve sanitation, health, nutrition, and education for children affected by poverty, conflict, disabilities, and natural disaster.

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