About the Visions of Hope Project (cont.)

Visions of Hope Project, Sri Lanka
Visions of Hope Project, Sri Lanka

The Visions of Hope Project benefits 75 children ages 4-15 who attend afternoon and evening free tuition classes, and weekend extracurricular activities. All receive nutritional supplements in the form of fresh fruits and milk five days a week. The children all reside nearby and return home to their parents or legal guardians each evening.

The Visions of Hope Project aims to improve the health, nutrition, and educational opportunities for tsunami affected children until they leave school and enter university or become employable.

The Project planned, built, and today operates a tsunami affected neighbourhood day care and children's rehabilitation center in close proximity to affected children and their families. This neighbourhood center provides specialized child care, enhanced nutrition, vocational and other (artistic, academic, etc.) training, and related activities free to tsunami affected children.

VoH Children's Center also promotes disaster management, sources scholarships for talented children, and conducts special activities like educational tours. The facility also accommodates related activities like day care for tsunami affected pre-schoolers at times of day when the children are attending school and space is available.

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