Click here to see more photos of our Batticaloa field trip
Click here to see more photos of our Batticaloa field trip

Our 2010 Day Trip to Batticaloa

by Usha

On Sunday 16th of May 2010, 57 VoH children from grade 1 to 6, together with Moorthy, Ram, Mangai teacher, Pathmalogini teacher, Shanthi, Pushparani, Ariyamalar, Suji, Vijitha and myself (Usha) went on a one day educational field trip to Batticaloa.

We started at 7.50 am from the VoH by bus. At 8.25am we visited to the Vishnu Temple in Kaluwanchikudy. Then we when to Kaluthavalai Pillaiyar temple. Here our kids had "curry bun" for short eats.

We spent some time there and we start our journey toward the Theththathivu Church. There the children watched the "Calvary" and the Church sister explained the story. Then she took us in to the church and said a story and did a prayer.

After that we went to Kallady Darishanam, a place where the visually handicapped children stay and study at a normal school. This place gave us deep thought in each and every VoH child. Our kids started to think that they should study well like them.

After having some nice chatting with them we went to Vipulananda Fine Arts College. But it was Sunday so all the students went to home. So we just seeing the out side of it and came back. After that we went to Ramakrishna Mission. We saw all gardening work by the Mission children. We did a group prayer with Mission Boys.

From there we when to Mamangam Pillaiyar Temple. There we all had our lunch and relaxed. Then we when to a new temple inside Batticaloa town. It is Kamakshi Amman Temple. Here the poojas in the Indian system.

From there we went to Batticaloa Fort. It is old historical place. After that we went to Butterfly Garden. Here our children could see some birds and animals. Our children love to see them all. Here we are not allowed to take pictures. So that we are missing some wonderful pictures in the garden. After that we went to Light House and the surrounding place. This place is very important. In that place we cloud see how the river is joining with the sea.

Finally we went to see Batticaloa railway station. Mostly this is the first time for our kids to see a train. They were very happy. At 6.00pm we return from there by 7.00pm we were back at VoH. All kids were very happy!

with love,

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