Kiwanis EC&C Division 18 of Canada

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In February 2005 Kiwanis EC&C Division 18 of Canada contacted the Kiwanis Club of Colombo City to propose a major project to assist tsunami affected children of Sri Lanka. After months of fruitless searching and bureaucratic dead ends that nearly led to Kiwanis Club of Colombo City giving up the search, it learned of the existence of the Anathi Project, an all-volunteer effort to assist childrens homes throughout the eastern coastal belt.

Kiwanis Division 18 provided funding for the land upon which the Centre was built in 2005. Kiwanis Club of Colombo City provided funding for project activities to be conducted in an alternative facility before, during, and after the construction phase.

This Visions of Hope Children's Centre is meant to be more than just a place to house these children; it will be a home for them. They will receive care, enhanced education, social interaction and a foundation of hope for a better life. This home will be a place where the children will have their daily needs provided for while giving them opportunities to develop in a positive caring environment.

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