Nava Shakti Volunteer Job Descriptions

Job Title: Teacher of ESL and basic computer skills
Duration: 3 months minimum

The Visions of Hope Children's Center provides after-school tuition to children aged 4 to 15 from Mondays to Fridays. There are currently several local volunteers who teach subjects ranging from mathematics to English and Tamil grammar.

Volunteer English teachers are now needed to conduct English classes with the children, aged 4-15, as well as separate classes for the local volunteer teachers. In addition, instruction in basic computer skills will benefit students and teachers alike.


Please note that you may occasionally be asked to perform tasks outside of this job description.

Experience required



Skills required



What to bring:

Additional Information

Pandiruppu, Kalmunai, Ampara District in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

The volunteer teacher will stay with a welcoming local family with limited English. A private room will be provided, although the volunteer may be asked to share with other foreign volunteers as the need arises.

All volunteers are expected to cover the cost of all transportation to and from Sri Lanka, as well as travel throughout the country.

Health insurance is a must, and all volunteers are expected to cover this before they leave. Insurance details must be given to us upon arrival. Volunteers are also requested to register with their embassy upon arrival.

The Sri Lanka Children's Trust will facilitate the successful volunteer's application for entry visa to Sri Lanka for conversion upon arrival to resident visa. The process of applying for the volunteer's entry visa takes about a month. The resident visa fee is Rs. 15,000 and is the responsibility of the volunteer.

A word of warning!

Whilst life here on the east coast can be immensely rewarding and lots of fun, it is important that you are fully prepared for some of the tougher aspects.

Financial Planning
Our volunteers are entirely self funded. Whilst life here can be extremely cheap, you will be expected to cover all your costs whilst you are here. You may also find that you wish to raise some funds to donate to local people. There will be no shortage of requests!

Pandiruppu is a small Hindu village directly north of the predominantly Muslim town of Kalmunai. The closest town centres are Batticaloa and Ampara, and Colombo is a 9-hour train ride from the east coast. There isnt much of a night-life in Pandiruppu or Kalmunai, as social life is largely centred on religion.

Cultural limitations
As we are working for the community, it is absolutely essential that we keep good relations with the local people. An ideal volunteer would therefore be someone who wishes to immerse him/herself in the culture of the East coast of Sri Lanka.

The east coast of Sri Lanka was severely affected by a civil war that lasted over two decades until a cease-fire agreement was signed in 2001. The scars of the conflict still remain, and ethnic tensions do occasionally flare up. As can be expected, there is a strong military presence in this region. Having said this, there is no direct threat to foreigners, as they are completely excluded from the conflict. Since March-April 2008 the Tamil insurgents have been driven out of the Eastern Province and no longer pose a serious threat in Ampara District.