VoH Pre-school VoH Pre-school

Pre-school Program

In January 2007 our pre-school program was launched with a startup donation from Steve & Suyin Karlsen and now has an enrollment of 23 preschoolers, conducted by a retired principal, Mrs. Govindasamy and two assistants.

We wanted to make maximum use of the facility during daylight hours. Earlier the Center was not being used during weekday mornings at all, since our enrollment consisted of school age children only at the time. So we recruited Mrs. Govindasamy to start up weekday morning nursery school activities from 8:30-11:30 am, giving her two young women assistants.

The pre-school started with 15 children and currently has 23 pre-schoolers enrolled with a maximum enrolment of 25 children. As a pre-condition for admission, all the children come from families who have lost family members in the Tsunami, as well as family friends, homes, and belongings.

Our morning pre-school program has been very well received by the community and illustrates our commitment to rehabilitate tsunami affected children of Pandiruppu and prepare them through improved education and health opportunities to live healthy and happy lives. We hope to restore the entire community to health and vitality over time.

To teach each subject the Mrs. Govindasamy and her assistants employ: